New Initiative

I’ve decided to take a new initiative with this blog. In light of my recent endeavors into filling my brain with knowledge from the maths and sciences, I’m going to follow suit and extend my ‘knowings’ onto the internet.

Consider this blog my canvas, my keyboard the ink, my mouse the quill, and hopefully you, my audience.

Each post will declare a subject or topic and then continue on to delve into said area in an educational format. My end goal is to educate not only those reading, but myself as well.

I will hit on topics that start at early beginner level .Net concepts, and move into advanced topics such as WCF, SQL, and more. Whether you consider yourself an intermediate or absolute beginner, my goal is to have something of use for you here.

I look forward to this new goal and I will research a beginner level topic as my first post.

Look for my first teaching, coming soon.


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